Looking forward to reading this volume.

Crux Sola

Bird GospelI was very happy to get in the mail a copy of Mike Bird’s latest offering, The Gospel of the Lord: How the Early Church Wrote the Story of Jesus (Eerdmans). I have just read the first thirty pages or so and it is, as usual, not only well-argued and clear, but seasoned with wit and clever anecdotes. I will say a word about a few of the chapters in due time, but I thought I would note that Mike’s work is a great place to get a sense for, not only what he thinks, but also a concise and trustworthy discussion of the history of study in areas like he formation of the Jesus tradition, the Synoptic problem, and the big “genre” question.

This book, I already imagine, will nestle snugly among some of my favorite gospels introductions. Just for fun, here are some of my quick-reference picks for…

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