A Look at William Lane Craig and James Crossley Debating the Resurrection of Jesus


Recently, my friend Wintery Knight (who is the king of writing debate reviews) posted a somewhat older debate between William Lane Craig and James Crossley on the resurrection of Jesus. I have been familiar with Crossley’s work because of the book  How Did Christianity Begin?: A Believer and Non-Believer Examine the Evidence.

Anyway, I was reading a chapter in the book called Debating Christian Theism. This is a more recent work and came out well after the debate with Craig and Crossley. In it, there is a chapter between Gary Habemas and Crossley on the resurrection. In this chapter, Habermas points out that Crossley agrees with the minimal facts about the resurrection of Jesus which are the following:

1. Jesus’ death by crucifixion

2. Very Shortly after Jesus’ death, the disciples had experiences that led them to believe and proclaim that Jesus had been resurrected and had appeared to…

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