Looking for an Excuse

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

All of my coworkers are extremely saddened and distraught over the death of my sister Nicole. As co-owner of the business we work in she was our boss. One coworker in particular pulled the old problem of evil card. He—a believer in the existence of God and a nominal non-practicing Catholic—asked how it was just for God to take her and leave her young 5 year old son without a mother. I explained that there are things we just can’t know. It looks one way to us because our perspective is limited but God stands above everything, seeing exactly how all the pieces fit together.

But the bottom line is that my coworker is the type of person that Paul refers to as having a carnal mind, or a mind governed by the flesh, which is to say that he’s hostile to God, or put more strongly, he hates God. He’s…

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