Joe Quatrone, Jr.

Philippians 3.10In Part 1, we saw the “things” Paul was living for before he knew Christ neither satisfied him nor gave him acceptance with God. It was not bad things that kept Paul away from Jesus—it was good things! He had to lose his “religion” to find salvation. Let’s take a closer look.

Faith Righteousness (Phil. 3:7–11)

When Paul met Jesus Christ on the Damascus road (Acts 9), he trusted Him and became a child of God. It was an instantaneous miracle of the grace of God, the kind that still takes place today whenever sinners will admit their need and turn to the Savior by faith. When Paul met Christ, he realized how futile his good works were and how sinful his claims of righteousness were. A wonderful transaction took place. Paul lost some things, but he gained much more than he lost!

1. Paul’s…

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