Biblical Studies Carnival – September 2014

Reading Acts

Winter CarnivalMike Skinner has posted the September Carnival at cataclysmic.  The theme is college football, which appears to be some sort of mid-western cult that takes over the entire culture for a few months each fall. Maybe the two top teams in the NTC (New Testament Conference) can play in the Schweitzer Bowl in January?

This is an excellent collection of links highlighting the best of September. Head over to cataclysmic, read the Carnival and click all the links, and thank Mike for his hard work.

In other blogging news, Jim West offers his own collection of carnival links. Brian Small has a few Hebrews HighlightsBrian Renshaw is hosting the October Carnival at his new eponymous blog, and Jim West will unite the schismatic Blogging Community once again in November. I have no more volunteers, so if you were thinking of hosting a carnival, now would be a great time…

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