Crux Sola

JudasIn preparation for yesterday’s class we had students read the Gospel of Judas and exposed them to the issues surrounding its discovery, translation, and dissemination to the wider public. We felt that this text had an important connection to the film we just finished watching. In Scorsese’s Last Temptation of Christ, Jesus and Judas are depicted as the best of friends and Jesus ultimately asks Judas to betray him so that the will of God can be done. This is not unlike the situation we see in the Gospel of Judas.

If you haven’t read the Gospel of Judas, you should know that it is dripping with a heavily Platonic understanding of the spirit/matter duality that was critical to various expressions of Gnosticism in the first few Christian centuries. Spirit is “good” and matter is “evil,” and Judas is the hero figure who betrays Jesus so that he can die and be…

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