Meet This Book: Thomas Crisp, Steve Porter, and Gregg Ten Elshof on Christian Scholarship in the Twenty-First Century


Steve L. Porter Steve L. Porter

Thomas M. Crisp, Steve L. Porter, and Gregg A. Ten Elshof are editors of Christian Scholarship in the Twenty-First Century: Prospects and Perils.

* * *

In the spring of 2012, Biola University launched its Center for Christian Thought, whose mandate is to facilitate high-level Christian scholarship on topics of importance to the Christian community and the broader culture and to translate and disseminate that scholarship to non-specialists in the Christian community and beyond.

What guides the project is the conviction that the Christian intellectual tradition, a wisdom tradition stretching back thousands of years, is a source of considerable insight on perennial human questions about the shape of the good life, human happiness, virtue, justice, wealth and poverty, spiritual growth, and much else besides, and that Christian scholars can do enormous good in the world by bringing the resources of this tradition into conversation with theā€¦

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