Meet This Book: David Fergusson on Creation (Guides to Theology)


David Fergusson David Fergusson

David Fergusson is professor of divinity and principal of New College at the University of Edinburgh and author of the new book Creation, which is the latest volume in our Guides to Theology series. 

* * *

Creation is a key Christian article of faith. Inherited from Judaism, it shares several convictions including the dependence of the world upon God and its essential goodness. Yet despite its prominence in the first two chapters of the Bible and in the opening of the Apostles’ Creed, creation has not been accorded sufficient attention in much of the theological tradition.

This is one of the central claims of my new textbook on Creation in the Guides to Theology series. The church has tended to move too quickly from the story of creation to the story of sin and redemption. It has shifted rapidly from Genesis 1–2 to the story of…

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