Samuel at Gilgal

Charles H. SpurgeonCharles H. Spurgeon:

[Q] Why preach upon so profound a doctrine as election?

[A] I answer, because it is in God’s word, and whatever is in the Word of God is to be preached.

[Q] But some truths ought to be kept back from the people, you will say, they should make an ill use thereof.

[A] That is Popish doctrine, it was upon that very theory that the priests kept back the Bible from the people, they did not give it to them lest they should misuse it.

[Q] But are not some doctrines dangerous?

[A] Not if they are true and rightly handled. Truth is never dangerous, it is error and reticence that are fraught with peril.

[Q] But do not men abuse the doctrine of grace?

[A] I grant you that they do; but if we destroyed everything that men misuse, we should have nothing left. Are…

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