Get Logos 6? Making (Some) Sense of the Upgrade Process

Words on the Word

Logos 6 Gold

Logos 6 looks good and offers some innovative, interactive tools for Bible study.

There are a lot of upgrade options. The upgrade process has not been as clear as it could be. But I think I’ve figured it out–and I was a beta tester! So if it hasn’t been clear to me, my hunch is that’s true for others, too.

In case it’s helpful to anyone else, here’s a short post on how to get Logos 6.

1. Free, Bare Bones, Later

On February 3, 2015, Faithlife (umbrella company for Logos) will make its Logos 6 engine free. It won’t have the datasets (mentioned below), nor the Interactives (see here), but I believe it will have basic improvements like the Search Everything and notes upgrades.

2. Crossgrade: Keep Your Current Library, Get Some (or All) of the New Features

Check out Logos 6’s new features here

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