Crux Sola

A few days ago, Stephen Carlson noted that his article on Matt 1:17 was recently published (congrats, Stephen!). Well, I am happy to note that I am apparently in the same issue 76 (2014) 704-719, though I have not seen the full issue.

My essay is titled: ” ‘They Are Not Gods!’: Jewish and Christian Idol Polemic and Greco-Roman Use of Cult Statues”

There is no abstract, but here is the gist of my argument:

(1) Early Jews and Christians mocked pagans for worshipping statues that are not real gods

(2) Many modern biblical scholars think the Jewish and Christian anti-idol polemic is unfair because such scholars presume pagans knew their statues were not “gods” and treated their statues as representatives, signposts, or at most containers of divinity.

(3) I revisit a variety of primary and second Greco-Roman literature to show that how Greco-Romans conceived of statue/image ontology and efficacy is…

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