Book Review–Paul: Apostle to the Nations: An Introduction–By Walter F. Taylor Jr. #SNRTG

Again I would like to thank the folks at Fortress Press for providing a digital review copy of the volume.

Like the title of the book suggests this is an introduction about Paul and his ministry. This 300 plus (Kindle page) book has the novice in mind and does provide an excellent platform.

The author provides a section called “How to Use This Book” which gives the reader an idea of what life was probably like in the 1st Century.

The book has 2 parts, 1st part is Titled: Who was Paul and What Did He Do? The 2nd is Titled: What Did Paul Write? There’s also a “Suggested Reading” section to encourage the reader to move forward with their study.

The first part of the volume has 5 Chapters complete with pictures and study questions for reflection and discussion. The reader can expect topics such as, Historical & Political Study, The Books of Acts, How Did Paul Travel, Paul’s Social Network & How Did Paul Begin Congregations

The 2nd part has 8 Chapters also is complete with pictures and study questions for reflection and discussion. In this section the reader can expect these topics, Reviewing 1 Thessalonians, Galatians, 1&2 Corinthians, Romans, Philippians & Philemon.

I found Dr. Taylor’s book enjoyable and clear is his teaching. His scholarship is excellent.

One can purchase this volume directly from or

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