Book Review–The Vine and the Son Man–By Andrew Street–#SNRTG

I’d like to thank the dear folks at Fortress Press for providing a digital review copy of this volume.

I haven’t read the entire book up to this point, but I can say that the body of work in this volume has the backdrop of Second Temple Judaism with all of it’s complexities woven into Psalm 80.

The introduction is amazing in it’s detail with clarity to the reader. It really sets the tone and scholarship of book. Here’s an excerpt of Chapter 1 “The psalm begins by imploring God as the Shepherd and leader of the flock of Israel…” As the author continues through v. 16 he states “The ambiguity of the verses lies in the connection between the vine, the stalk and the son/branch. Are they truly parallel, that is, are the stalk and son/branch simply different ways to refer to God’s people? Or do the son/branch and the stalk refer to a leader of the people? So there is a taste of what one can expect, the author then goes into the Text Critical Issues, Date and Providence, Redaction, The Vine and the Man Relationship and Royal, etc.,  just reading the introduction and most of the first chapter should have most readers hungry for more.

This volume is now available through Fortress Press

and at Amazon

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