The Crucification of Bell

Liam Thatcher


In amongst the cat photos, baby photos and Christmas memes, my social media feed has contained a number of articles about Rob Bell over the past couple of weeks. The particular two that have come up most frequently are this one by Sarah Pulliam Bailey and this by John Pavlovitz over at Relevant magazine. The first is a good summary of what has happened to Rob over the past few years; well worth a read if you need a quick précis. The second is… well…

The second makes some good points, is emotive, and is easily shareable because it makes both the author and the sharer look nice and compassionate. Pavlovitz is of course right that,

For a people whose go-to ideas are love for God and love for others, we Christians can be pretty horrible toward one another.

I agree, and I’m sure we could all point to examples…

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