My Concerns with Popular, Christian Worldview Apologetics


I have been witnessing a growing trend among red state, evangelical churches with the rise of Christian Worldview apologetics. I often call the proponents “the neo-apologists.”  Most of those “apologists” are tied to the classical, Thomist school of apologetic methodology.

Their popularity within Christian circles is due primarily to the development of the internet, roughly 2000 to the present.  The web has allowed groups of Christian apologists to network with each other, for the purpose of disseminating information, tactics, and techniques for practicing apologetics with non-Christians.

Additionally, a number of Christian colleges have developed specialized “schools” or “programs” dealing exclusively with apologetics.  The programs can be a few weeks during the summer or more involved with 1 to 2 year degree programs aimed at providing students extensive training in the area of apologetic philosophy and instructions in the ways of cultural engagement.

On top of all of that, certain apologetic…

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