Spurious fallacies linguists make: A response to Dr. Wallace

Old School Script

posted by Kris (with a “k”)

Preliminary remarks: The following is a response to a post Dr. Wallace wrote last week concerning 3 fallacies linguists commit. I am only responding to the first fallacy about word meaning. For ease of following along, I encourage you to first read his post. (I’ve also included a screenshot at the end of this post capturing the relevant material from his post that I’ll be commenting on).

The theory of word meaning (or lexical semantics) is a cumbersome realm to navigate. How we construct meaning and how we communicate is no small task. Even though it’s only been a formal field of study since the 60’s, we’ve made great strides towards better understanding how meaning works.

When it comes to word meaning, a specific subfield of linguistics known as Cognitive semantics has especially made great progress. Nonetheless, the field is nuanced and hypotheses…

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