Eerdmans Spring 2015 Trade and Children’s Catalogs Now Available in Print and Online


With the winter solstice just a few days behind us, spring may feel like an eternity away — but it’s not. The proof? Our spring 2015 trade and children’s catalogs are now in our warehouse and on our website!

If you normally receive our print catalogs in the mail, watch for these latest to arrive in your mailbox soon (if they haven’t already).

If you don’t already receive catalogs from us, why not request them today? We’ll have your free catalogs on their way to you with the next mailing!

You may also view or download a PDF of this or any of our other recent catalogs through Scribd or browse all our catalogs on Edelweiss.

Inside our two new catalogs, you’ll find dozens of great forthcoming titles for children and adults, including the following highlights.

From the Eerdmans Spring 2015 Trade Catalog . . .

Click to view online or request your copy today. Click to view online or request your copy today.

A Faithful…

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