Convinced, not Beaten

russell & pascal

Mr Carson

Greetings Russell & Friends,

I have a confession to make.  I am a closet Downton Abbey fan.  It started with me mocking Mrs. Pacal – – asking why well dressed British accents were spending time discussing lace and tea.  It continues with me plopping down on the recliner to watch every Sunday, gladly spending that time on lace, tea, and human behavior.  I officially apologize to Mrs. Pascal – – she was right, I was wrong.

I am a man of conventional tastes in feminine shows so I doubt that I’m the only reader who enjoys the character of Mr. Carson, pictured above.  Last night Mr. Carson said something to Lord Crawley which caught my attention.  It had not yet made it to Google’s first page this morning:

I want to be convinced, not beaten.

That, in the context of our recent discussions, explains the raison d’être of this space.  As a…

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