Samuel at Gilgal

ImitatingChrist1Charles H. Spurgeon:

“‘The Imitation of Christ’ is a wonderful book upon the subject which every Christian should read. It has its faults, but its excellences are many. May we not only read the book, but write it out anew in our own life and character by seeking in everything to be like Jesus! It is a good thing to put up in your house the question, ‘What would Jesus do?’ It answers nine out of 10 of the difficulties of moral casuistry. When you do not know what to do and the Law does not seem very explicit upon it, put it so—‘What would Jesus do?’ Here, then, stands the case—by your creation in Christ you come to exhibit faith in Him, love to Him and imitation of Him—and all these are the means by which good works are produced in you. You are ‘created in Christ…

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