Fast Food Evangelism

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Kathi digests dissects an “evangelism” video.


This “how to” video on evangelism caught my attention not too long ago. Oh, there’s so much about this video….Where to begin?

Before we get into the video itself, let’s look at the man in front of the camera. This is Eric Hovind of Creation Today. Eric is the son of Kent Hovind, a young earth creationist who established Creation Science Evangelism in 1991. Kent Hovind is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence after being convicted of multiple federal offenses, mostly involving tax fraud and illegal cash transactions. Eric Hovind took over Creation Science Evangelism and renamed it Creation Today.

Creation Today seems to exist primarily as an apologetics ministry. There are plenty of seminars and classes being taught around the country. Most seem to focus on creationism, apologetics, atheism, evolution, and scientific teaching. Eric became well known in the critical thinking community

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