Book Review: Schmitt and Laney, Messiah’s Coming Temple

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Schmitt and LaneySchmitt, John W. and J. Carl Laney. Messiah’s Coming Temple. Updated Edition. Grand Rapids, Mich. Kregel, 2014. 248 pp. Pb; $16.99. Link to Kregel.

This book is an update to Schmitt and Laney’s original 1997 Messiah’s Coming Temple, adding three chapters and about 50 pages to the original. In addition to this new material, there are a number of new illustrations including new 3D models of the temple. All illustrations are in black and white, some of the 3D images are on Schmitt’s Future Hope Ministries website. Like the original, this is a popular level introduction to Ezekiel’s vision of a future temple. The book is designed to be read by laymen, so there is little discussion of wider scholarship on the vision.

The first two chapter of the book survey the history of the Temple in the Old Testament. After a description of the Tabernacle, Schmitt and…

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Schmitt and Laney, Messiah’s Coming Temple

  1. I have read this book and many others on the subject of a future physical Temple being built in Jerusalem. This one offers some interesting insight and I admired the model building yet this book introduces more obstacles to the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem than it does in offering support to the authors claim that there will be a Temple built in Jerusalem again. The authors also apply biblical verses anachronistically which, applied correctly, would critically dismantle their view.

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