Review: I Dare You Not to Bore Me with the Bible



“If it’s weird, it’s important” (p 39).

Growing up, I thought the Bible was a bit boring. A large bit. In fact, even in college anything I read was boring and/or just difficult to understand. “Why is this word right here?” It had relevance for me, and I knew that. Sure, I was interested in the stories, but let’s get real: after a while, reading about a basket baby floating down the Nile River is no longer interesting. A non-burning bush on fire? Cool. 10 commandments? Yes, I could tell you all about them. We know who Moses grows up to be. Is it really that important having to hear about it over and over in church? Much less have to read it?

What about reading on the scapegoat used for the Day of Atonement? It’s in the middle of Leviticus. How many people do you suppose really have their heart…

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