Review: Romans 8-16 For You by Timothy Keller| Kevin Halloran

Title: Romans 8-16 For You
Author: Timothy Keller
Publisher: The Good Book Co
Year: 2015
Rating: 5 Stars

The book of Romans plays a special role in Scripture. John Calvin called Romans an “entrance…to all the most hidden treasures of Scripture…” It is a book that helped launch the Protestant Reformation due to its influence on Martin Luther by proclaiming the true gospel of justification by faith–and it is a book that continually transforms readers today.

Timothy Keller in both Romans 1-7 For You and his latest Romans 8-16 For You walks through the amazing truths of the book of Romans and applies it to everyday life and faith. These expository guides are part of a larger series from The Good Book Co whose purpose is to help Christians read the biblical book better, feed themselves on God’s truth, and lead others by teaching them. This review will focus on Romans 8-16 for You but applies to Romans 1-7 for You as well (along with Keller’s book on Galatians and Judges and the whole series).

You can see the full review by clicking on the link below:

Review: Romans 8-16 For You by Timothy Keller

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