Back from Chicago: Moody’s Founder’s Week


Last night I got back late, very late, from the Moody Founder’s Week Conference in Chicago.  The annual conference is free to attend and, even for a cynic like me, worth going to.  I thought I’d write some things about it while the impressions were fresh.  The theme of the conference was “Running the Race” from Hebrews 12.

I missed Paul Nyquist’s opening sermon on Monday.  Evidently he did some of the main expository groundwork on the text which some of the other speakers built upon.  The next day opened with fine sermons by Bryan Clark and Ron Hutchcraft.  Hutchcraft was naturally funny, but built into his sermon solid lessons from the text.  I skipped the afternoon sessions all week (there were none on Tues) because either I wasn’t too interested in the speaker or I wasn’t interested in listening to another speaker, or, I had other things i wanted…

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