Letter to Stephen Fry – You’ve Created a Straw God


Here is the link to my latest article on CT – the full text is below as well , but you will need to go to the article on CT for the links…. Enjoy


Letter to Stephen Fry: You’ve created a Straw God

The latest celebrity ‘I hate God’ piece has hit the fan, and, as expected, millions of words have been blogged and spoken in response. I’ve read lots of them, the best being that of my fellow columnist on Christian Today, Dr Krish Kandiah; the worst was Giles Fraser’s piece in the Guardian, whose claim that God did not really exist but was just the name for our ‘respect for the planet’ is just atheistic hogwash dressed up as spirituality. And I guess the most amusing was from Russell Brand:

The following is a letter I wrote to Stephen Fry after watching the whole moving RTE interview:

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