Addressing the mob that tried to kill him

Knowing God through His Word ... Day by Day

Pastor Steven Cole of Flagstaff, AZ preached a sermon on our Bible reading passage for today.  Here is an excerpt from “God’s Mighty Power to Save”

If I had just gotten beaten up by an angry mob that was trying to kill me, but I got rescued, I don’t think that the first thought on my mind would be to preach the gospel to them! I would have been thinking, “I’m safe! Get me out of here so I can recover from this traumatic experience!” But Paul had the presence of mind to ask permission from the Roman commander to address the mob that had just attacked him. Granted that permission, he addressed the crowd in their native Aramaic and identified himself with them as a Jew. His address falls into three parts:

  1. His life before his conversion(22:1-5);
  2. the experience of his conversion (22:6-14);
  3. and, his commission to preach the…

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