Ptolomy Stela unearthed in Taposiris Magna | Luxor Times

The Dominican Republic mission directed by Dr. Kathleem Martinez working at Taposiris Magna Site, west of Alexandria unearthed a limestone stela which bears hieroglyphics and demotic inscriptions. The stela measures 105 cm high, 65 cm width and 18 cm thickness.

The discovered stela which was inscribed during the seventh year of king “Ptolomy V” and it contains 20 Hieroglyphic lines with royal cartouches of king “Ptolomy V”, Ptolomy’s wife and sister, Queen “Cleopatra I”, his father King “Ptolomy IV” and his wife “Arsinoe III” too.

The Demotic inscriptions at the bottom of the stela consist of 5 lines of the hieroglyphics inscriptions at the top.

Dr. Mamdouh El Damaty said “The importance of this discovery is the different scripts forming it make it like the Rosetta stone which was inscribed in the ninth year of king “Ptolomy V” reign. (2 years after this Stela was inscribed.)

The Minister added “ The stela is an excat copy of the stela of Philae Temple – Aswan which dates back also to king “Ptolomy V” that reflects the king’s offering a huge area of Nubia to the goddess Isis and her priests.”

Read the entire piece here.

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