Paul and love, ha!

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There was an observation made recently in another post regarding ‘love’ that the apostle Paul spoke of, contrasted against the love of a parent toward a child, and in this comparison, Paul’s brand of love came up as it were, miserably short. It is interesting for two reasons.

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One, because this idea is narrow and selfish, secondly, because a high level of hypocrisy must be utilized to even suggest such a thing.

In a conversation with an unbeliever, and using 1 Corinthians 13 as a springboard, a friend asked this fair question:

Do you truly know more than Paul did about this one subject we’re speaking of?

And this immediate response was given:

‘Paul made it clear that he felt that sex was something people should avoid if possible. He seems to never have known the love of a woman, and never sat by the bedside of his…

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