Misplaced Faith, Bart Ehrman, and the Kerygma of the Early Church


A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of sitting under Dr. Craig Evans for a weekend teaching on his book Fabricating Jesus: How Modern Scholars Distort The Gospels. Dr. Evans is at the very top of his field. I was amazed at his mastery of the cognate languages, Jewish literature, and extra-biblical literature. Anyway, he mentioned something in his book Fabricating Jesus that is extremely relevant to Bart Ehrman’s hugely successful book Misquoting Jesus and the continual discussion about the reliability of the Bible. In many quarters, there seems to a continual view that the Christian faith stands or falls on infallibility and inerrancy. For many, it is an “all or nothing” issue.

It also seems that whenever Christians provide some sort of criticism of Bart, they are accused of trying to hold on to their cherished beliefs. There have been more than enough responses to Misquoting Jesus…

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