What Following Jesus Means

A Pilgrim's Friend

screen-shot-2012-09-08-at-10-07-36The other day I was sitting with one of the sophomore guys in our church’s youth ministry enjoying a cup of coffee. Our conversation changed from topic to topic, but it soon took on a laser focus when he asked, “I think I know, but I have a hard time articulating it with the specifics: what does it mean to follow Jesus?”

I know what he meant when he said, “I think I know, but I have a hard time articulating…” There are countless things we know, but we may not be able to communicate clearly if asked. For this specific student, that thing was following Jesus. Knowing that his question is probably not specific to him alone, but is likely a question many could benefit having an answer for, here are the few bullet points I worked through with him in our conversation.

5 Aspects of Following Jesus


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