This coming Sunday, I have two big events on my calendar:

  1. Go to church.
  2. Watch the Oscars.

Were I not an Eerdnerd, it would be the most natural thing in the world for me to draw a big black line in my mind between these two activities.

But I am an Eerdnerd, and — thanks in part to the work of authors like Roy Anker and Sara Anson Vaux — compartmentalizing isn’t really an option for me anymore.

Like Neo in The Matrix or that creepy little kid in The Sixth Sense, I see theology (and philosophy, and ethics) in every movie I watch.

Roy Anker sees it in movies like The Thin Red Line and Dead Man Walking. Sara Anson Vaux sees it in movies like Gran Torino and American Sniper.

Me? I’m a mom. I haven’t seen any of those “grown-up” films. But I see it…

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