OT War and Jihad!?

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The Reformed Reader

Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God Is God a Moral Monster?  Paul Copan’s apologetic discussion of some of the difficulties in the Old Testament is a good book to have if you’re interested in defending the Christian faith from an OT point of view.  Andrew and I have both mentioned it before on the blog.  One section worth pointing out is where Copan contrasts the holy wars in the OT (Copan calls this “Yahweh War”) and Islamic jihad.  I can’t reproduce the chart Copan used, but here is his explanation (slightly edited):

1) Geography: Yahweh war in the OT was geographically limited to the Promised Land.  In Islamic jihad, there are no geographical limitations.  The non-Muslim world is the ‘abode of war.’

2) Historical length/limit: Yahweh war was limited primarily to one generation (around the time of Joshua), though minor conflicts continued with persistent enemies of Israel.  Islamic has no historical/temporal limitations…

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