Scholars in Press—a new interview series you don’t want to miss

Old School Script

Chris and I are pleased to announce a new series we’ll be hosting at Old School Script. You may have noticed that our writings tend to be linguistically bent, rather than exegetically based or theological, for that matter. While we are concerned with the latter, we are both convinced that certain linguistic frameworks can bring a great deal of explanatory power to the table of biblical studies, and such that has yet to fully be appreciated.

The series we’ll be hosting is called “Scholars in Press”. The aim is to provide a little bit of spotlight time for up-and-coming scholars (or one’s who’ve already been “made”) that specialize in the intersection of linguistics and biblical studies—in that order. You may notice that those participating range from being unknown to familiar to quite popular. In other words, some might not seem so “up-and-coming”. But the truth is, the entire enterprise of applying…

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