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01782d0Name: Mike Aubrey

Education: I received a BA in Biblical Languages at Moody Bible Institute in 2007. Since then, my wife and I have been actively preparing for service with SIL/Wycliffe Bible Translators as a linguist. We completed certificates in applied linguistics in 2008 as well as started graduate studies in linguistics at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL) in Dallas, TX. In 2008, we moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada to continue our studies at the Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) at Trinity Western University. We have taken turns working on our degrees and paying for school since then. I defended my thesis on methodology in grammatical analysis using Role and Reference Grammar in 2014. My wife will be defending her thesis on cognitive linguistics and middle voice this coming summer.

Favorite pastimes: Backpacking is by far my favorite summer activity. I’m also an enthusiast photographer (https://enthusiastphotography.wordpress.com/

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