Gentleness – Fruit of the Spirit

Mom's Going to Madagascar

Hello friends! Welcome back to Weekly Challenge! We’re talking about Fruits of the Spirit right now and today’s topic is gentleness. If you look on wikiHow, some of the suggestions for how to be gentle include acting fragile and giggling. I think gentleness is about more than being lighthearted, though. It means tender care and quiet strength. That’s why this week’s challenge is to care for a plant or an animal. If you’re an animal lover, choose the plant. If you have a green thumb, choose the animal. If you’re good at both, go to an elderly home and volunteer. Just do something that puts you in a position to be gentle with another living thing.

Last week we talked about faithfulness. Your challenge was to write a list of ways the Lord has been faithful in your life. Tell me how you did with last week’s challenge in the comments below. Share your list, if…

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