Good News at Presbytery of Edinburgh and Perth

There have been times when Presbytery meetings are dull, bureaucratic and insipid…last night at the Presbytery of Edinburgh and Perth, although it was not the most exciting meeting in the history of the universe, nonetheless it was a good and encouraging meeting. Why?

We packed into room 8 in the Free Church offices (Presbytery hall is grand but not helpful to fellowship and warm discussion!). We received encouraging reports from the new church plants in Dunfermline and St Andrews. The latter especially who have just appointed a new womens worker and have a real problem with their morning service packed out – they need a new place to meet.

Then we accepted two new churches into the Free Church. Grace Church Leith, is a church plant from the ARP in the US, led by Athole Rennie. They have decided to join the Free Church and their application was warmly welcomed…

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