Whiter Than Snow

My Story, My Song

We’ve got snow down here in Alabama. Some of our friends have seen up to 12 inches of snow! This is only the second deepest snow I can remember here.

Roll Tide! Roll Tide!

Schools are out, businesses are shut down for awhile, roads are closed,  and–yes–some power has been out.

But the snow is so beautiful! Yesterday morning, our area was just a gross, rainy mess and sometime in the afternoon the rain gradually changed to big, fat snowflakes. We watched at the window, holding our breaths in case it stopped as quickly as it came. But it kept falling.

We ran outside and caught it in our faces and mouths. We made snow angels, snowmen, snow forts, and makeshift sleds.



A beach boogie board makes a good sled! A beach boogie board makes a good sled!

And the snow kept falling.

It covered my once-cluttered back porch with a blanket of white. It covered the fields and roads with a…

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