If Joey Barton were Prime Minister?


I was asked by Premier Christianity to respond to an article by the footballer turned philosopher, Joey Barton, in The Independent on why he would ‘privatise’ religion. You can read my article here –

the words are below…

Dear Joey, please don’t give up your day job
Feb 2015
If he were Prime Minister footballer Joey Barton would call on religion to be ‘privatised’ and for churches to lose state support. David Robertson writes an open letter to Barton pointing out some flaws in his plan.

Dear Joey,

Congratulations for getting involved in serious debate and putting forward your ideas on what you would do if you became Prime Minister. It certainly helps dispel the somewhat unfortunate media image (aka mindless football thug) that you have. So… kudos.

There are those of us who would agree with some aspects of what you propose. For example, I am not personally…

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