Jonathan Edwards Week – A Reading Recommended List

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So you want to get to know Edwards? But you don’t know where to start. I recommend that you start out with John Piper’s edition of The End for Which God Created the World in God’s passion for his glory. Then pick up they Yale reader which has a great collection of sermons. After that move on to Marsden’s Jonathan Edwards: A Life. This big book is a must read book on Edwards. After making your way through these books you might want to pick something off this list of books on Edwards (I have bolded some of my favorites):

Jonathan Edwards Painting

  • ** Bombaro, John J. Jonathan EdwardsVision of Reality: The Relationship of God to the World, Redemption History, and the Reprobate (Wipf & Stock, 2011).
  • * Caldwell III, Robert Communion in the Spirit: The Holy Spirit as the Bond of Union in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards.

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