Biblical Studies Carnival – February 2015

What an excellent carnival!

Welcome to the February Carnival! This was an eventful month for biblical studies geeks, with the announcement that the Gospel of the Lots of Mary had been deciphered (exclusively covered by Jim West), that a new NT papyrus had been discovered, and that the entirety of Codex Vaticanus is now available online. February also contains our favorite holiday of the year, for which Abram KJ and William Ross both linked to previous posts on the LXX in honor of International Septuagint Day. William’s post also contains an interview with renowned NT scholar and septuagintalist Karen Jobes. Martin Shields celebrated the special day with a post looking at differences between the LXX and MT on Job’s wife.

Before we get to the real fun, I’d like to urge you to contact Phil Long (Twitter @Plong42, email plong42 [at] gmail [dot] com) if you’re interested in hosting a Carnival…

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