Old School Script


Name: Elizabeth Robar

Education: MA in OT & MA in NT from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; Graduate work with Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics; ABD from Southern Seminary (changed programmes from LXX > Hebrew, hence Southern > Cambridge); PhD from University of Cambridge

Favorite Past-time: Sip homemade hot chocolate while my husband reads aloud to the family; Play outside with my kids


Interview questions:

1. How did linguistics intersect with biblical studies in your life (or vice-versa)?

An interest in grammar (Greek & Hebrew) led to linguistics as the most satisfying explanation for how grammar came to be as it is now. The motivation for (verbal) choice has been deemed critical by exegetes, and yet the linguistic explanation is not always in harmony with some theological views. I wanted to understand the text on its own, first, for which linguistics seemed essential. And… I simply love grammar and…

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