Whats the Real Danger to Scotland’s Children – ‘Radical Evangelists’ or Militant Secularists?


To the Editor of the Sunday Herald,

Dear Editor,
It seems that hardly a week goes by without yet another attack on the Christian church in the Sunday Herald instigated by the Scottish Secular Society. But last Sundays was a new low. I assume you are aware that you are being used by the tiny SSS in order to further its anti-Christian campaign and to increase its witch-hunt against Christians. It would be helpful if you checked the sources and the language used before you printed the press releases of the SSS as ‘news’.

In your latest report you state that there are ‘radical’ evangelists who are infiltrating schools in the Peterhead area. This is hilarious. Would your journalist who wrote the piece be able to tell us exactly what a ‘radical’ evangelist is? Maybe we should not expect the Spanish Inquisition, but perhaps you have visions of the Tartan…

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