Contemporary Portrayals of Jesus: Part 2


Who is Jesus? Looking in Chapter 3, “Jesus and the Relationship Between the Gospels” of B&H Academic’s The Cradle, the Cross, and the Crown: An Introduction to the New Testament, the authors discuss some Contemporary Challenges to the New Testament Portrayal of Jesus.

Last time we looked at

1. The Traveling Cynic Philosopher
2. The Charismatic Faith Healer
3. The Apocalyptic Prophet
4. The Social Reformer

We’ll continue looking at the last four views today.
View 5 is wrong
View 6 is good, but inadequate.
View 7 is more properly placed than Views 1-5
View 8 is correct.
So, today, the posts will (mainly) show more positive and correct views of Jesus.

5. The Feminist Jesus


E. S. Fiorenza and R. R. Reuther

Fiorenza’s Proposed Jesus:

  • Wished ‘’to liberate women and other marginalized people from male-dominated social structures and Roman imperialism’’ (121)
  • She states Proverbs 1-9 integrated…

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