Mom's Going to Madagascar

There’s this little redheaded girl I know that is a bright ray of sunshine everywhere she goes. She’s full of smiles and laughter and imagination. Today’s brave story is written by her mama and my good friend, Bekah, who is also full of smiles and laughter and Jesus. I hopeyou enjoy today’s brave story!
Stories from San Antonio
Along with a 4 year old and a 9month old, I have a beautiful and vibrant 2 year old daughter named Penelope (Penny for short). With a head full of copper hair, she is full of laughter and light. She gives super great hugs and is growing each day.

Penny came into the world so smoothly it was unreal. My pregnancy had been normal, I went into labor naturally before my due date, and I was able to snag a shower, a large french fry and an extra large Diet Coke all…

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