Something REALLY Interesting…

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I recently uncovered a little buried treasure tonight that I had to share!

For a long time, I’ve utilized a simple argument with Mormons that I’ve found quite effective.  When we talk about Mormonism and they start talking about the restoration of Christianity (or the book of Mormon), the idea that Joseph Smith frequently was a prophet comes up.  Instead of arguing about whether or not he was a prophet, I direct the conversation to how a person know whether or not anyone is a prophet.

I use the following simple line of reasoning:

1.  If Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, I must listen to him.

2.  God has established specific criteria for determining prophecy.

3.  If Joseph Smith meets that criteria, then he’s a prophet and I must listen to what he has to say.


At that point, most Mormons tend to misunderstand me and try…

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