Preaching the Catechism(?)

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The Church's Book of Comfort In the confessional German and Dutch Reformed traditions ministers typically preach what is called a catechetical sermon for one of the two Lord’s Day services.  This is a helpful way to keep God’s people rooted in the main truths of the Christian faith as outlined by Romans and echoed in the Heidelberg Catechism: 1) Guilt/Sin, 2) Grace/Salvation, and 3) Gratitude/Service.  As many of our readers probably know, the Heidelberg Catechism is divided up into 52 parts – one for each Sunday of the year.

I realize this has been and is being debated, but I believe that the Scripture should be preached and the catechism used only to explain and summarize Scripture’s truths.  In other words, I appreciate and have “done” catechetical preaching (and will do it again), but I don’t believe a minister should preach from and exegete the words of the catechism.  Jacobus Koelman (in 1678) said it…

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