The Fairytale of Secular Scotland and the Myth of Creationism

We won”…”A huge win for the Scottish Secular Society in Parliament”….general cries of jubilation and ecstasy were heard ringing throughout the land (well at least on the FB page of the SSS).  What was this tremendous victory for the secular cause?  What evil forces of darkness had been slain by the rationalist atheists in the SSS?  Well if you are sitting comfortably, lets begin our tale.

Once upon a time in a land far far away (from London, Brussells and New York), there lived a people who for years had been in the thralls of the dark forces known as Calvinism and Catholicism.   Then came the wondrous light of the Enlightenment and behold the knight, Sir Hume of Edinburgh, slew all before him.   The forces of darkness took some time to retreat but verily they were almost dead until by the year of our Selves, 1967…

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