The Islands of the lost fowl


There’s more to Hawaii than Jimmy Buffett (okay, I admit – I’m a Parrothead!), Elvis, surfing or  even Disney’s adorable and naughty alien Stitch. Even more so if you love earth sciences like us at Twilight Beasts. Hawaii is literally a hot spot for seeing hot fiery lava erupt like rivers of thick custard. What makes Hawaii a geologists dream is what lies beneath: it sits on top of a ‘hotspot’ – an area of the earth’s crust which produces considerable tectonic activity, even though there are no plate boundaries nearby. Geologists think that an enormous plume of hot, molten lava from deep within the Earth has floated up and pushed itself out at this location. As the Pacific Plate has been moving slowly for untold millennia in a north-westerly direction, right across the ‘hotspot’ there are older, now dormant Islands; evidence that the tectonic plate moved, slowly, over…

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