Letter: It’s all about toleration
The Courier 12 Mar 2015

Sir, – Alistair McBay of the National Secular Society (Letters, March 9) resorts to mockery and scaremongering to tell us why Christian values should be removed from education. To link Scripture Union and the bible with homophobic bullying is a cheap and nasty shot, sadly all too typical of the kind of propaganda the atheist secularists use.

As Christians we utterly oppose any form of homophobic bullying. The irony is that Mr McBay says he is for “free thought” but wants any point of view that is not in accord with the National Secular Society banned!

Angus Brown (Letters, March 9) claims that Humanists are not anti-religious and yet when I go on to their website I am told that Humanists are atheists or agnostics and I see that almost all their campaigns are anti-religious.
He asks the very pertinent…

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