On Not Raising Narcissistic Children

The Reformed Reader

Last week I mentioned a helpful book for parents on how to “unspoil” their children (HERE).  Along those same lines I found some helpful parenting advice in Keith Campbell and Jean Twenge’s The Narcissism Epidemic.  This is not a Christian resource for parenting, but it should be read alongside Christian parenting books and the biblical principles for parenting.  Here are some (edited) steps that Campbell and Twenge give to help “temper narcissistic impulses” in our children:

1) Say no, and mean it.  There’s nothing wrong with saying no to your child.  If you say no and your child whines and screams and then you give in, you’ve just taught your child that whining and screaming is effective.

2) Don’t give your child too much power.  Five-year-olds should not be picking out the family car, their bed, or even their own clothes all the time.  …Yes…

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